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Expat Support
At Wittenberg, Amsterdam

Relocating can be exciting but also a challenging time for many, which is why Wittenberg are hosting regular Expat support sessions to offer advice to guests who just moved to Amsterdam in order to help them integrate both socially and professionally.


The following clubs and workshops are availble to join -

- Book Club
- Amsterdam for first timers
- Secret treasures of the Netherlands
- Professional integration: Relaunch your career in the Netherlands


Get a chance to socialise and meet new people through regular Book Club meetings where you can participate in a discussion with both internationals and locals of Amsterdam.

Every other month we'll be holding sessions giving advice on Amsterdam for first timers, we will provide basic information about the city, as well as sharing tips and essentials on the structure of the Dutch society. You’ll also get an in-depth introduction to the healthcare system and be given necessary knowledge for day-to-day life activities such as grocery shopping and using the transportation system.

For those feeling adventurous, we also offer a special workshop Secret treasures of the Netherlands. Here you'll learn about the hidden gems of the Netherlands which are usually missed by tourists - prepare to be surprised! Wittenberg's guests can expect to receive comprehensive and up-to-date information from fellow expats who are well aware of the challenges of relocation.

Since we know from experience that career-related concerns have a lot of influence on expat partner’s wellbeing, we are also running sessions entitled Professional integration: Relaunch your career in the Netherlands. As a relocated employee, you may become overwhelmed with the amount of new information to process whilst focusing on proving yourself as a professional to new colleagues. Therefore, this session will aim to navigate those who have relocated through their professional integration as well as empower them to start being in charge of their expat journey.


WHEN: Bi-weekly
WHERE: Glass House
WHO: Experts and locals
COST: Free