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Jackie Delgado - Deep Dive Meditation
At Wittenberg, Amsterdam

Jackie is a highly skilled human potential activator, life coach and teacher with extensive knowledge who works to support individuals and professionals in a holistic and empowering way on their path of mindfulness and expanding consciousness.


Jackie has worked in Kenya, Spain and the Netherlands, but her roots lie in the Cape Verde Islands. Jackie speaks 7 languages and mostly works in English, Dutch, Spanish and German. She is skilled at helping people to live life more easily by honing in on the very roots of their belief systems and working at that core level. With her help, you’ll connect with your deepest truths and see your true higher self.


Would you love to experience another way of meditation that will allow you to leave the session lighter and full of insights? Jackie's deep dive sessions aim to help you rediscover who you are and what is holding you back. You will unlearn certain patterns, roles, and habits that you have outgrown. This will give you full clarity on how to proceed.


During the weekly Deep Dive Healing Meditations Jackie will fully support you. She’ll create a safe environment for you to explore what is standing in your way in the here and now. She’ll hold space for you to become of what needs the most attention. Liberating you from what is holding you back. You can go as deep as you allow yourself to go.


Sometimes what you most need is relaxing your body and mind and other times it might be going to deeper emotional layers – such as getting rid of deeply rooted (family) patterns - and thus more intense. You’ll get new insights for sure and current patterns that no longer serve you are brought to your conscious mind in order to be more tangible and healed.


Please wear comfortable (and warm) clothes. A bottle of water and a notebook/pen might be useful as well.


WHEN: Every Tuesday evening 19:00 - 20:15
Jackie Delgado