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Loopuyt Gin

Now available at Wittenberg

Many recent gins which have hit the market differentiate themselves by prioritizing one additional component. Loopuyt is a well-established brand which originates from 1722, and they're looking to challenge this. They've chosen to create a gin that has an accessible, surprising taste by using a complex mixture of herbs, flowers, seeds, berries, fruits and fruit peel.


An impressive balance of flavours and tastes is their main focus. Using only natural ingredients, they have created a gin that mixes effortlessly with tonic with an accessible balanced flavour. A pure blend of fine aromatics which give optimal results.


Even better - it's available to buy at Wittenberg. So whether you're after a tipple in the evening or you'd like a bottle to share with guests during your stay, Loopuyt Gin can now be purchased as an upsell package. Please ask at reception for more information.