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Personal Training
At Wittenberg, Amsterdam

Lorna is a triathlete, (utlra) marathon runner, personal trainer, biomechanics coach and a hard working, free moving woman. She helps her clients devote themselves to achieving a free moving body that is more efficient, has less change of injury and performs at a higher level than they thought possible.

Wittenberg gym is small but comprehensive. Since Lorna is a biomechanics coach, she is developing your training programme based on a biomechanics intake. Lorna will gather movement information about your body that other personal trainers simply don’t have. Based on this, she creates a program that will improve your movement, so that you can train more efficiently and safely. In short, she optimises your function and then builds strength to reach your goals and maintain lasting results.


WHEN: Must be booked with Lorna directly
WHERE: Gym or outside
WHO: Lorna Wilson
COST: Please speak to our House Hosts for specific costs


Please speak to our House Hosts onsite for more information or to register for any events.